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The eBay SEO Tool

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Optimize your Ebay Listing
… in seconds

No additional staff, no agencies, training or workshops.

Baygraph gives you everything you need to be more successful on eBay.​

Baygraph offers you an incredibly comprehensive collection of different tools, such as a keyword manager, ranking and article checker, our median tool for pricing, live chart, title check, variant tool or the Baygraph image analysis (BETA).

Try Baygraph 7 days for free !

Full access to all features! You have the opportunity to thoroughly test Baygraph for 7 days. You’ll have full access to all the features and we will assist you throughout the test phase with help and advice.

Always in the fast lane

Keep track of rankings, visitors and sales. But not only for your products. Watch the competition and find out which items are doing really well on eBay.

The trickiest task for a merchant is to find the right price for his item. With the median tool Baygraph finds it out for you to make even more profit.

We don’t leave you out in the cold. At Baygraph, we’re constantly evolving and staying by your side so you can benefit from new Baygraph tools.


So you can always see what measures really takes you forward.

Which optimizations really help?

With Baygraph, you can directly monitor the impact of your optimizations and evaluate them in a serious way. No more gut feeling, but real facts and figures. This is the only way you can make the right decisions.

Users and conversion

Keep the conversion rate to the point. With Baygraph, you get the information you need to improve your listing and make it even more appealing to the customer. Optimize your items and instantly see whether sales are increasing. That’s how eBay works today!

Baygraph works for you

With Baygraph, you have eBay SEO under control.
If something doesn’t fit, Baygraph will help you solve and fix the problem and guide you to the fast lane.

EBAY SEO - Very simple - very fast

Baygraph helps to optimize your product listings. So you’ll stand in front of your competitor in no time!


You don’t need an agency to do this! Baygraph delivers the best keywords for your product within seconds with the keyword tool.

FULL CONTROL - At a glance

Forgetting anything? With the article Check you control all facets of your ad, from article features to the choice of the right category and dispatch options.

MOBILE FIRST - Fit for Smartphone & co.

Mobile phone and Tablet sales represent an average share of more than 63%.
With Baygraph, you adapt your product to mobile commerce!

What our users say

„Through Baygraph, I finally had the overview – and especially the perspective – as far as eBay SEO is concerned. The recommendations and the direct feedback helped me to make the right decisions. Within days! My growth was almost exclusively through eBay. Thank you Baygraph! “

Christian Meier, 12.02.2019

Baygraph enables us as an eBay SEO agency an efficient and reliable monitoring of the eBay performance of our customers and always gives us a quick overview of the potential for optimizing the products.

Elmo Gramshi

OnMaCon GmbH

Through Baygraph I was able to „clear“ more of the internal time resources that our employees had previously invested manually in ranking analyzes and research. Therefore, there is currently no better ranking optimization tool for the eBay marketplace.

Daniel Ferrante Bannera


With Baygraph sellers get a practical EBAY-Seo tool for a small price. The combination of research and optimization tools is no longer to be missed in daily use. Especially since the results can be displayed almost in real time. A must-have for seller

Christian Blaß

ToCi Vertrieb OHG

The way to your success

Expert workshops & online courses
No extra costs! – Without getting there! – Just on the computer!

eBay-SEO Master Class

As a Baygraph customer, you’re automatically a member of the eBay-SEO Master Class. Our knowledge can be accessed directly online – 24/7 – without restriction. This will lead you to your goal even faster.

Personally and directly

You can always contact us in person at any time if you’ve questions that you simply can’t find answers to. We’ll be happy to help you, where we can, to make you even more successful on eBay! – Preferably in a personal conversation.

Meet us at conferences

You can meet our team in person at most conferences. With some coffee or a nice glass of beer – the best way to chat about eBay & Baygraph. But even if you have suggestions, you’ll always find an open ear with us.


All Baygraph customers can join our Facebook group. Here, there is direct exchange with other users and the Baygraph team. Especially with difficult question, you always get instant answers here.